TombCast Radio is on! Yay!

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It is finished and it’s totally radical and awesome! listen to it however you’d like whether it’s through SoundCloud or the bar above it. If you’d like a copy for your records I’m willing to send you a free copy via email. I only ask you pay for postage and vote in the upcoming election. I’m still figuring out how to track that since I’ll be giving you TombCast up front. Either way I’ll figure it out.

I hope you enjoy it. James, Mason and I worked really hard this thing and hope that people have fun listening to it. I look forward to new assignments like this is there will be any more. I really dig audio and telling stories and talking to different people that way.

Donnie Rejj: Mind Wipe Flash Back

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This was sad. I figured that I had already established my character as a pretty rough individual so this was an attempt to humanize him and make him seem not so much like a serial killer bad guy and the conflicted protagonist I really was looking for and I feel that this starts the path to accomplish that. it’s not mushy or anything. As someone who’s left their family behind to serve this got to me and really hit me in the gut. I’ve got memories that I cherish and will never forget. The thought of those being erased is makes me sad and angry which is how I hope someone would feel for Donnie as they listen to this.

Intro to TombCast Radio… TombCast!

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This was so much fun! Looking at the other audio assignments that’s I’ve been working on this stands out as one that I really laid down some ground work and it’s fitting that it set the stage for the RadioCast. Enjoy if you dare! OR wait for the whole show to come out. 🙂

TombCast Promo Pic

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The name is TombCast Radio So I made this gnarly looking thing. Minimalist you may say but it was fun to make. The fewer the elements the better the add. All I’d have to do is plug in showtimes on the wooded section and this would be for real. I like that about it. I’ve been vocal about not digging the western theme but dress it up scary or sci-fi and it’s not so bad. Some of these new gritty westerns coming out now are pretty cool too. Sam Elliot needs to be in one! Why has that not happened yet? I want the ‘stache on screen again Go Ram It! (Where’s my Brown Coats?)

Post RadioCast Post…

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Now that there’s a final product I almost miss it in an obsessive way but I don’t want to touch it again. It’s like watching yourself in a video or listening to yourself. I don’t want to do it for a while right now. James and Mason were awesome partners and went with the silly and borderline mean personality I came up with for the show. That’s not me what you listen to on the show it’s a persona amplification of sorts I think. It made for some funny moments and ad lib but the character description is me. I don’t want folks to think I’m a jerk or something. The beginning was scripted I didn’t really tick James off. I don’t remember whose Idea it was to have him rage quit but we… or at least I felt that it set the audience up and caught them off guard for the show. The intro was to make sure people listened I feel. I really enjoy how it came out. There’s always another thing you could’ve done but this wasn’t all that way. We all contributed equally and worked on this thing to the capacity of the other. It was fun and great learning experience and I’d do it again.

TombCast Radio Production…

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Starting off with the RadioCast group there wasn’t any friction which I think was attributed to our small size. There was enough to tackle that I don’t think anyone really wanted to make waves about what was what. At least that was my feeling. If an idea was plausible and worked why not go with it?

In that spirit we decided to add the characters in the show by really making them the bulk of the show. Each one of us was interviewed by one or both of the other two co-hosts about our character development. We all had our own questions and answers. Nothing about our characters was scripted and I feel that it makes it come across genuine. I might have had to cut out some of my stuttering but it was a cool and interesting experience that I would love to do again.

And the Lucky New Showcase Winners Are…

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This week Carlee Budd and myself, Josh Whiting, were chosen to comb through all of your content and find the shiny stuff, the meaningful stuff, the fun stuff, and just the downright good stuff. This is, of course, NOT Carlee and I saying that anyone’s work is good or bad. This is us finding stuff that we thought was cool and letting all of you out there know it too. So now that the disclaimer is out of the way and no one is grabbing their torches and pitch forks let’s get started!




So first up is a pick by Carlee. “ShoesShoesShoes” is experiment in creating your own style of shoe. The effort put into this seems substantial as isolating those areas to manipulate the color can tricky regardless of what software you’re using. This was published by Jenna Steele and you can find more from her Here.





Next up is a pick from me found at Cadillaceazy Media. This picture whether it’s a RYGBVfind or creation is awesome. I also love that it covers the visible light spectrum. Mr. Cadillaceazy definitely knows his way around making his own space on the internet as well. Everything is very well put together and categorized. See more of it at Here.





Here we have anotsmileher from Carlee where on Liam Caudill finds happiness in simplicity. Here you’ll find that the even the simplest things can make you smile and knowing a few tricks in Word or Power Point can go a long way. Gotta click to find out what everyone is smiling about.




For the last assignment post I chose a submission from Lindsey M who shows that sheLindsey M Horsey knows her way around a keyboard and mouse… and a lot more. The submission in question lie’s here and proves those skills beautifully. My first thought was, “Why go to all the trouble to get a horse and outfit to… oooooh! Cool”! Please go check out more of Lindsey M’s stuff out at





And finally to close out this little salute to you guys and in post celebration of the yearly Valentines Fiasco, we have this Twitter find of a Darth Vader Valentine. I really just was to print this whole thing onto a card and send it to myself. Since it was impossible to see I found it placed it in all it’s glory to the right below.


stupid vader

Week 6 Summary: Design

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I would have to venture that this week I explored some different aspects of what design is and how I view things with design in mind. I find that there are so many different perspectives and stories that can be told with more than just words, pictures, or videos. Adding a specific design to any of these things will change the outcome of how the recipient receives it and how it is processed. The experience may be different for everyone but in a good design there is a base line message that everyone can get.

My design is really more geared toward fantasy and fictions of all different genres. That’s what I’m more attracted to so that comes more naturally to me and I believe it to be more solid that what I would do outside of that element. I’ve done some design outside of my comfort zone and often I find myself reaching far to get something that everyone can look at and understand. I appreciate this as it provides me with opportunity to grow and expand outside of my comfort zone.

With that being said I love the little design expansions that you can find in books (graphic novels and otherwise), TV shows, and movies. Even in some of the newer movie trailers for these various super hero and villain worlds you can find little hidden design clues hinting more toward the story of the movie or the future of the franchise. You know there’s an interesting trailer when there’s are twenty or thirty minute videos explaining and breaking down all two minutes of the trailer. It might not mean that the movie is any good but the trailer sets up the design and feel of the entire movie and even hints to the plot. Today there are so much stuffed into trailers and movies it really does take a lot of pausing and zooming in to see what’s really going on in the layers upon layers of design that gets shoved down your throat in two minutes or in some cases an entire movie.

Boba Fett… Returns?

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Boba Fett Origins Boba Fett Resurrection

It’s no mystery that I love Sci-Fi and that after all the hype over Star Wars: The Force Awakens there have been some confirmed movies based around the Star Wars Universe. One of these is rumored to be a more origin story or at least a chapter of the bounty hunter favorite Boba Fett who is believed to have died in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. There is no clear proof that I know of that backs up whether or not the story will be based on the events during or right after the Clone Wars or if this story will take place after Return of the Jedi meaning that this legendary bounty hunter is in fact not dead. This would be interesting as I really don’t want to return to the world of the prequel trilogy time frame. I think sticking with the post or during original trilogy story line is what really interests me. The movie Star Wars: Rogue One, which we are going to see this year, is an expansion on the original Star Wars: A New Hope story line when the plans for the Death Star are recovered. The trailer is awesome… but I really want to see what’s in store for this Boba Fett story. I’m perfectly fine with waiting. I want them to get this right. Rogue One looks awesome but there is no doubt a perspective of getting things worked out in this movie so lessons learned can be applied to the Boba Fett story regardless is it’s an origin or resurrection story.

One Story in Four Icons

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Doctor Strange

I’m a sucker for the outlandish. This was a chance to cut back and look at the bare bones. I wouldn’t imagine that this illustration would be very hard for anyone that has heard the story before but I imagine that it’s a bit confusing for anyone that’s never been exposed to that world. I hope this brings a perspective of something different for some and a strike of something familiar for others that know this right off the bat. I imagine most will. It was fun finding the images that were just right to tell the story in just four images. I really had to focus on the integral parts of a specific story within the world that this exists in. Lots of fun and I hope that anyone who looks at it will enjoy.