Tron Business Card

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Kevin Flynn Business Card

So this is more of a business card than a calling card. I couldn’t resist making something like this for this iconic movie series. I’m a huge fan of the original. I grew up watching movies like Tron, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Last Star Fighter, and so many more over and over again till I had the line memorized then I would take to Legos and re-enact the movies on my bedroom floor. As I’ve become older I can’t help but expand the multiple universes that these stories exist. This assignment made me immediately think of one my favorite trouble makers Kevin Flynn masterfully played by Jeff Bridges. All can agree that any businessman probably has a card of some kind. This is how I would imagine Kevin Flynn’s to be.

Firefly Wanted Posters

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Firefly Wanted Posters Firefly Wanted Posters 2 Firefly Wanted Posters 3

As usual I broke away from the normal and jumped into the science fiction side of things. Firefly stands out as being a western style space opera revolving around a lovable band of outlaws that would do almost anything for each other. I imagined that this is what would be seen in out lying systems further away from the Alliance core systems. I don’t recall anything like this in the show when ever the crew sets down on a back water planet far away from highly populated Alliance planets. So I created these as I’m sure something like this would’ve existed in this imaginary world.

The Vignelli Factor

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It’s fascinating to see the many different aspects of design that Massimo Vignelli lays out in his book “The Vignelli Canon”. The varying types, techniques, and usability of a design viewed through his eyes as a early designer is still reflected today in what we do with computers.

The first thing that came to mind when he talked about blocking out your design area was the gridlines that I use on everything that allows me to do so. Power Point especially. There is a beauty to the proportion of a thing once done perfectly and aesthetically pleasing but coming to that point particularly is a long a painful journey at times.

For some things design and creation are easy and in many ways today prefabricated and waiting for our stamp of authenticity though we played the smaller role we take the credit. The power to use the multitude of tools on the internet (most of which are free still) amazes me as one that has had little to no exposure to this type of in depth online design.

For me this changes everything I’ve thought of before and will change how I continue with other projects within this class and in others where design is called upon. This was an excellent and insightful read that changes one’s perspective on design at the fundamental level which in turn changes the whole mental structure of design as a whole.

Week 5: Summary

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So I added the “Big Mamah Jamah” up first with my character story to audio with The Mining Job. It was a lot of fun and really got me thinking smaller. Unfortunately I have to eat half the elephant before I can enjoy the smaller pieces as weird of an analogy as that might be. It’s over four minutes but worth the listen. I consider it to be the best thing I did this week.

Before we get to the funny stuff I’ll skip to the Vintage Video Game Fight I created. This was a grind I will admit and I finally finished and wanted a lighthearted Mario style “Raise the Flag! You Win” type of ending. There was a lot going on and I felt lost in the lines of audio that were present. I know you can merge audio but it’s better with sound effects for me to keep them separate so I don’t get them mixed up.

Now the “Funny Funny”! The Fake Radio Bumper and the Fake Radio Commercial are the comedy outlet for this week. There’s a lot in there that was hard but it was just so much fun to record and edit all the little pieces that fit just right to make the perfect 30+ seconds of comedy. I even changed my voice in one of them to sound more like the radio announcers that do this for a living but would look at the scripts I read and laugh in the face of whoever was asking them to read it. It was hard not just putting these together but not to laugh during the recording was quite the ordeal.

So that’s Week 5 with me reaching for bigger and better things. Hopefully I didn’t forget any Tags and there’s some progress and proof of learning from week to week. All the Best to you!

Vintage Video Game Fight…

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I really wanted to do another assignment and really keep to the “sounds only rule”. This mix of vintage video game fighting games was fun but painful to make with all the additional little “wisps” and “swooshes” and the punches with corresponding pain sounds. Loads of fun!

So if “Screw On” Toupees Were a Thing…

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So this is just silly. Put some decent work into it but had a lot of fun. Played with the pitch of my voice just to see if I could sound more showman like… it worked I think. Listen to what I’ve down already and listen to this and I’m certain you can tell the difference. Even my kids asked, “Woah, Daddy! Is that you?”

The Mining Job, An Audio Experiment…

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The Mining Job Part 1 is my audio representation of the character we created earlier this semester. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly put quite a bit of work into it but don’t let that stop you from tearing it up! 🙂 Let me know what you think! Is this Space Cowboy interesting? I know it’s too long but I’m really starting to like this Donnie Rejj guy… and I kinda forgot about the 90 sec limit. But it sounds so cool!

Week 4: Summary

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This has definitely been an interesting and fun week. I prepared myself for a lot of photo shop and image alteration but it wasn’t to the degree that I couldn’t handle I suppose. most of the work I did I was able to take care of in Microsoft Office. I hope that the rest of my fellow comrades had an interesting week and I can see some interesting stuff out there and I looks like a lo of people had fun this week. I know that I especially put some hard work into the arsenal of my character. That was fun given that there were weapons with their own stories available I just applied them to my character. Quite a bit of work putting it all together but I hope it makes for some cool background for my character. On to next week with audio! May be I’ll get to use that new mic I got for christmas! Best of luck to all!

Die Photoblitz Ist Auf!

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20+1 minute photoblitz! This was fun! Worked up a sweat running up and down the stairs! Enjoy!




What a wonderful smile!


Frozen food in the In-Laws freezer…


This is how I reflect on Starry Night.


This is Ralph…. he is my fish.


There’s a boat in there somewhere…


“Politics in the world today…”


Hmm… Reese’s chocolate eggs…


so 20 minutes plus 1. I’m happy with that.

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