Treating Fear with Puppies and Kittens

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After watching the Kurt Vonnegut video, I was rolling but strangely thinking of a way to write code for a program that could do just what he proposed within those exact parameters. I’m sure it’s been done but it would be worth a try.

All the westerns that I’ve seen, heard, and read were based on the everything being fine, something bad happens, then the good and bad guys have it out and the good guys win and if it’s really interesting then it shows the reality and cost of winning a fight with evil outside of the guy in the red shirt always dying in the original Star Trek series.

I know this is supposed to be more about a reading or even something that’s been put in front of us but I’ve experienced a lot from this class and others that wasn’t laid out in front of me or at least I didn’t see it and it totally through me for a loop. This makes me think of how this could be applied to more than just stories made up but stories for real. In particular, your story.

If you were to start your story as a section of your life where would it start? Where would it go to from there? I’m not asking for anyone to reply with answers or examples. The main point I want to get across is that when you look at a book, or any story it is a reflection of life itself as we experience it otherwise no one would care about it. It has to be relatable. If I were to take all 20 seasons of Gunsmoke and like them up on Vonnegut’s chart it would be a continuous wave such as our own lives. Our lives are much more complex than a book or a TV show but these are the things that we retreat to when we feel overwhelmed by our own life or our own wave if you will. It’s the reason why my wife has to watch something cute or funny after a scary movie. It’s a balance and maintaining that balance in a story is not so easy especially when you jump around to multiple groups with stories of their own like so many authors do.

It’s… Gunsmoke! (To bad it wasn’t in space)

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I grew up listening and watching the radio and television series called Gunsmoke. I was bored with it at the time as I thought it was old hat so to speak. My love of science fiction runs deep from even my pre-school years. Both my parents appreciate science fiction as the movies I was most eager to watch as a child was of course Star Wars, Star Trek, The Last Starfighter, Tron, Dune, and I even snuck in Bladerunner and Alien at a friend’s house.

This assignment has especially given me a re-appreciation for the genre and the effects it had on American culture and society. While I was almost forced to listen to little vinyl copies of Gunsmoke while I had play time I rarely used to listen to it but listening to just a couple radio episodes today really made me understand why it was so good. With radio of course your ears are your eyes so every sound meant something and there was no stop to the sound which at times left me wanting to over my ears but the stories were great and totally different from one another.

Moving onto the television series that holds records, Gunsmoke again holds some serious substance that I ignored until this assignment. Watching the episodes and reading of the 20 season expanse was informative but also watching the change in how the series changed over the course of society changing fascinated me. I’m not a sociology major but understand the basic concepts and how current events and society changes what we see on our televisions. It happens even more so today than ever; but with Gunsmoke the characters themselves changed slowly over the course of the series to fit a seeming expectation where in the early to mid-70’s many broadcasts were made in such a way to discourage bad behavior and enforce a sense of morals and ethics. Similarly, you can look at the Simpsons and see that in its earlier years the focus was on Bart because the show was directed towards adolescents to teenagers as the series progressed those adolescents and teenagers became adults. Uh oh, their audience had grown up; but a simple shift from Bart to Homer now it’s directed towards adults that relate more with Homer and his comedy and Bart more of the growing pains of parenthood.

Hollywood has tried to change deep parts of human society with TV shows and they do the same today but I’d say that today it’s more tipping the hat to an ideal or an ethical or moral belief in an attempt to change it or enforce it. But no matter how you spin it Marshal Matt Dillon (William Conrad) influenced how people believed the West truly was in the mid to late 1800s and he was posted as what a lawman should be. His moral character and dedication to the people of Dodge City was unquestionable and in my humble opinion utterly boring for a main character. The earlier seasons where much more interesting as Marshal Dillon actually showed some conflicting character qualities that built his character in my opinion because it showed the conflict of being a man in a place of power and how easily it can be abused. Later seasons I don’t feel that was forgotten rather shifted to focus more on driving home a social agenda.

Don’t think that I just watched all 20 seasons. Please tear me apart as I’m basing my opinions on a few episodes both radio and TV and looking at the social shifts in America from the mid-50s to the mid-70s and I’m extremely biased towards science fiction. In fact the best science fiction to hit TV was based partly on the western style of television and the main character in that TV series, again in my opinion, was the most diverse and truly authentic characters ever created. Let’s see how many of my fellow fanboys and girls can guess what show I’m talking about and who without looking it up… miss that show. Netflix binge tonight!

The Post Post Week 2 Review…

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Though last week has come and gone I have some things to reflect upon as I feel that I’ve learned a lot from this class, the fellow students, and instructors. I had no clue how to run these sort of things to the level that we started at. And know, though I cannot say that I do not struggle over and over again, I will say that I increased my knowledge on the expansive cosmos that is the internet and the many platforms that exist to relay individual and group information from point A to B… then C and so forth.

Especially this past week the focus was on that of design and I felt even more out of my element. I’m not artistic, with the exception of stick figures, so I leaned heavily on either work I previously had done and added a few new layers to it or created something simple but meaningful. My ideas for this past week outreached my grasp. I can say that through these experiences I see many ways that I can improve in the coming weeks and strive to do so.

With more and more piling on each week, I can feel my creativity growing and churning out new things that for me are huge steps in the way of online artistic creativity. I’ve even ordered some recording and audio equipment to make some of these ideas come to life. It’s going to be a ton of fun and I’m honored to be on this roller coaster ride with all of you.

If there is any one that owns an Xbox One and would be interested in doing some Video Game theater that’s what most of the audio and console recording equipment is for. I’ve always wanted to do it and if there’s some else out there with the same interest for this please let me know.

If you’d like to try your hand at some fun 3D design work that’s free check out


3D Print for Post

When Your Original Design Fails…Make Something Easier to Start With.

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Eventually, I’m going to make this beautiful 3D printed Ghost…


But not today. Today my dream of making a DinkleBot were diminished to this…


So instead of leaving myself sorely dis-appointed I created a easier design that will be given to my wife since she is awesome and I love her real real bad.


This was a lot of fun and really exposed me to the free world of 3D design and not so free world of 3D printing. One of those will run you at least $1000 not to mention the filament coils that you’ll need… and how many times you’re going to mess up or at least I messed up.


To complete the Ghost I will have to go back into the design and build in or, the depending on the program I use, the program will put in supports that can later be cut out of final product. I will go more into detail about the Ghost building in later posts. The Ghost itself consists of roughly 14 separate pieces and I was running into trouble with some of the smaller pieces. This will truly be fun and I look forward to documenting the process along with other thing there.

A Digital Reflection of Myself

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Now before anyone calls me out on it, I’ll admit it! My Digital Self is my Xbox One Avatar. My point in making this is that I feel like I got it pretty close to the original. Truth be told I spent more time changing the background on my “real” picture that I spent making multiple digital me’s.

Whiting_Reality VS Digital

Hunters: The Space Cowboys of Destiny

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I’ve always loved the idea of Space Cowboys. There’s the late Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds that really set the stage for me. I grew up with Han Solo and Indiana Jones as my heroes. I loved the music, I loved the lines, and I loved the characters and their stories. Even entering what some would consider actual adulthood I still find myself drawn towards these fictional characters that live in fantastic setting with personalities that aren’t truly good or morally straight arrows so to speak but they’re most good. To be less broad there more than just a little bad in them as the ying and the yang would suggest. These characters do what is the right thing to do even if in the course of doing it they get their hands dirty. In some cases their hands get very dirty. I bring myself to the thought of Batman. While Batman is a fictitious character he still embodies this moral code of being the one that will get dirty to keep others clean, safe, or morally unaltered really. Diving into the rabbit hole there’s a comic book that’s not to old featuring the Justice League of which Batman is a part of as is Superman and others. In this story Clark (Superman) has a family and the Joker had proven a threat to that family but stopped by the Justice League but mostly Bruce (Batman) of course being that the Joker and Batman have been arch enemies since I was born. Now Superman stands for what all is good because he want to be the example of what the human race should aspire to be when it comes to morality and ethics. What better example to heed from but one that has all the power in the world but can do no wrong. To me it’s boring and sickening but then Bruce comes into the picture. Now the end of the comic is near and of course Clark would have no harm come to the Joker as that would make him no better than the Joker or some non-sense like that. Bruce promises to take the Joker to prison and that no harm will come to him. (Spoiler) Batman kills the Joker. Why? Because that’s who he is and what defines him as a character or as a human or maybe as a friend to Superman. Who knows it’s really left to the reader regardless of the dialogue between Clark and Bruce after the fact. Batman did the dirty work so Superman didn’t have to and his family could stay more safe knowing the Joker was dead. Similar parallels are drawn in the second Dark Knight movie with Christian Bale but that ended in tragedy.

But back to Cowboys, I’ve always loved the movie “True Grit” the old one and the newer one. That character style of cowboy falls in line with my idea of a truly interesting character. Not truly bad but good by a long shot. In the game Destiny my favorite class is the Hunter because of what the cowboy in my mind represents and some of the stories and lore of the Hunter Legends in Destiny are quite interesting perhaps I will go more into detail with those later on. Till then or the next time I write I leave you with my Hunter.


Rough start but it could’ve been worse…

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Going from clueless to having a website is somewhat gratifying but mostly it’s a relief. There’s a lot more that I need and want to do but with in this short time frame I’m not content with what I have to show for it so there will be much more to follow as this progresses. Great thanks to Mr. Bond for his pointers and links that got me kick started in the right direction. All and all a super rough first week without a doubt but I’m glad to have something to show for it and a foundation to build some really cool stuff. I’m really looking forward to the weeks to come. optimistic_22

Example Blog Post

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