And the Lucky New Showcase Winners Are…

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This week Carlee Budd and myself, Josh Whiting, were chosen to comb through all of your content and find the shiny stuff, the meaningful stuff, the fun stuff, and just the downright good stuff. This is, of course, NOT Carlee and I saying that anyone’s work is good or bad. This is us finding stuff that we thought was cool and letting all of you out there know it too. So now that the disclaimer is out of the way and no one is grabbing their torches and pitch forks let’s get started!




So first up is a pick by Carlee. “ShoesShoesShoes” is experiment in creating your own style of shoe. The effort put into this seems substantial as isolating those areas to manipulate the color can tricky regardless of what software you’re using. This was published by Jenna Steele and you can find more from her Here.





Next up is a pick from me found at Cadillaceazy Media. This picture whether it’s a RYGBVfind or creation is awesome. I also love that it covers the visible light spectrum. Mr. Cadillaceazy definitely knows his way around making his own space on the internet as well. Everything is very well put together and categorized. See more of it at Here.





Here we have anotsmileher from Carlee where on Liam Caudill finds happiness in simplicity. Here you’ll find that the even the simplest things can make you smile and knowing a few tricks in Word or Power Point can go a long way. Gotta click to find out what everyone is smiling about.




For the last assignment post I chose a submission from Lindsey M who shows that sheLindsey M Horsey knows her way around a keyboard and mouse… and a lot more. The submission in question lie’s here and proves those skills beautifully. My first thought was, “Why go to all the trouble to get a horse and outfit to… oooooh! Cool”! Please go check out more of Lindsey M’s stuff out at





And finally to close out this little salute to you guys and in post celebration of the yearly Valentines Fiasco, we have this Twitter find of a Darth Vader Valentine. I really just was to print this whole thing onto a card and send it to myself. Since it was impossible to see I found it placed it in all it’s glory to the right below.


stupid vader

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