Boba Fett… Returns?

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Boba Fett Origins Boba Fett Resurrection

It’s no mystery that I love Sci-Fi and that after all the hype over Star Wars: The Force Awakens there have been some confirmed movies based around the Star Wars Universe. One of these is rumored to be a more origin story or at least a chapter of the bounty hunter favorite Boba Fett who is believed to have died in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. There is no clear proof that I know of that backs up whether or not the story will be based on the events during or right after the Clone Wars or if this story will take place after Return of the Jedi meaning that this legendary bounty hunter is in fact not dead. This would be interesting as I really don’t want to return to the world of the prequel trilogy time frame. I think sticking with the post or during original trilogy story line is what really interests me. The movie Star Wars: Rogue One, which we are going to see this year, is an expansion on the original Star Wars: A New Hope story line when the plans for the Death Star are recovered. The trailer is awesome… but I really want to see what’s in store for this Boba Fett story. I’m perfectly fine with waiting. I want them to get this right. Rogue One looks awesome but there is no doubt a perspective of getting things worked out in this movie so lessons learned can be applied to the Boba Fett story regardless is it’s an origin or resurrection story.

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