“Do Ya Feel Lucky?… Well Do Ya?”

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As I’ve made it clear in the past I am an avid fan of science fiction so being that I created a character that was totally science fiction and mysterious and could possibly be I decided to place him in a universe that had these weapons in them. These weapons go along with with one of my original posts called “Hunters: The Space Cowboys of Destiny”.

These beautiful and powerful weapons are my fictional characters arsenal. I did the research and placed the proper information on them that in some cases lead to their own little bit of story. I imagine that my character, Donnie Rejj, to dual wield these awesome Hand Cannons and strapped to his back in the legendary shotgun, The 4th Horseman. and to boot, when Rejj is in need of some serious fire power there is none more powerful and iconic that the Gjallarhorn Rocket System.

Though this might have taken a while to put together it was well worth it and fun to merge my own creation with something that I enjoy and appreciate the art behind the scenes. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them.

Last Word Ace of Spades

The 4th Horsman Gjallarhorn

I hope you liked these. If you’re a Destiny fan you know there’s so much more behind these but for this taking my character and arming him with these awesome and beautiful weapons is fun and changes my perspective on his ability to not only be a stealthy rogue but a heavy hitting juggernaut.

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