Do You Even Photo Bro?

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So this would be considered my Achilles heal so to speak. We shall see. I know that confidence and determination are strong forces and we shall certainly find out.

I once loved photography and always took pictures but something changed and now I’m not the person that’s constantly taking photos. I don’t know what it is for certain but I know that “being in the moment” and truly enjoying it played a part of it. I didn’t feel that I could truly enjoy a moment, place, event, or fill in the blank because I couldn’t stop taking photos.

I wasn’t a great photographer I got lucky with a few really good shots now and then but I felt as I explained and thought the quick phone photo was enough to remember anything important instead of traveling around taking photographs of life, societies, nature and what not.

So I’ll be brushing off the dust of my old SLR this week. I certainly hope all goes well. I will admit a bit of anxiety but I’m sure that will subside with taking more and more photos as the week progresses.

Who know’s maybe this will get me back into photography. Best of luck to all of you.

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  1. I personally would love to see you take up photography again.

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