Donnie Rejj: Humanity Lost

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-Humanity Lost-

Colonel Daemon Fitz stood on the command deck of the INF Nautilus upright as if he were a permanent fixture upon the vessel that was commissioned to his command. His left hand was affixed behind the small of his back while he held a cup of mess hall coffee in his right. His thick black and gray hair was highly cropped and stood upright perfectly sculpted to compliment his disciplined demeanor.

Twenty-six years he had served in the Independent Naval Force and eight years of the Resistance Militia before that. After the Galactic Civil War factions were organized into proper branches and divisions forming the Independent Armada with designated military units consisting of infantry, intelligence, support, and many other essential personnel. They grew exponentially as system after system renounced the claim that the Origin Hierarchy Counsel had on them. Galactic civilization imploded on itself and the long arms of the Origin government began to break.

The Resistance was winning. Their numbers grew but nothing could have prepared them for what Origin was about to unleash on the Galaxy.

The Human Hybrid Collective (HHC) was never meant to be used as a weapons manufacturing entity but when the ranks were falling and defecting to the Resistance Militia the Origin government knew that step would have to be made to secure the best and what was left of their galactic military force.

All personnel were quarantined based on the belief that the Resistance had used biological weapons against all the Origin central worlds meaning that supplies to all vessels and planetary colonies were infected with an unknown pathogen. This was in fact true but it was not the Resistance that carried out this deed but rather Origin itself.

The pathogen made all remaining citizens compliant and passive to the remaining Origin loyalists. Within a matter of weeks, the HHC had successfully modified a third their own military and civilian populations into a hybrid and programmable fighting force. Human modifications that were originally meant for the betterment of human kind and the experience and longevity of life were transformed into weapons that would have the most devastating effects on the Resistance fighters.

Women and children were modified exhale toxic gases making them silent and unknowing killers. They would be transported by Resistance shuttles moving defecting citizens and military from the inner galactic systems to the outer colonies. Millions died.

The Resistance had few personnel that knew how to medically treat and reverse the horrors done to these innocent and unknowingly lethal weapons. Many took their own lives as within the space of a month they were the only people left living on a vessel or station. Some were lucky enough to have the effects reversed by way of a lung transplant from an uninfected individual that died of natural causes. Few received that luxury.

This was only the beginning of Origins grand plan for galactic war. Many candidates meeting the molecular requirements were put through a longer process of metamorphosis. The Innocent Genocide, as it came to be called, bought just enough time for Origin to create these abominations. Monsters of all kinds were set loose on the Resistance. Hull penetrating crafts would punch into the densely populated areas of every Resistance vessel and Origins hell spawn would be unleashed.

The early versions of the hybrid fighting forces would only last a few battles. The metabolism of the Origin fighters was pushed to the limit to support the organic weapons implanted internally and externally. Men and women in their twenties and thirties would have scarcely a month to live without the removal of the implants. These people were merely husks for the atrocities that were done to them and demanded of them to do. Out of 44 million subjects of this cruel weaponization only a few hundred thousand were ever able to get their implants removed. Even with the implants removed they were left horribly disfigured left to live a life of guilt and ridicule by those that had saved their lives in the Resistance.

The two years that transpired during this time would come to be known as the Husk Conflicts. Most remaining husk survivors were transported to the abandoned colony world of Pneumena that was ravaged by the Innocent Genocide. Sending them to this world was meant to keep them safe from those in the Resistance that still looked at them as enemies regardless of their lack of free will in the Husk Conflicts. Many were driven mad by being surrounded by death on this planet and being former instruments of death themselves. Little is known now about their fate as neither Origin or the INF will travel to that system.

As time progressed after the Husk Conflicts however, the HHC was able to extend the life of the hybrid husks and make them less obvious to detect without deliberate examination by a well trained eye. As Origins human reserves grew smaller and smaller they put selective and controlled breeding into place. Entire stations were dedicated to the growing of human livestock to be transformed into walking weapons.

The next program the HHC was commissioned to undertake was the enhancement of some of their very best military forces reserved in a cryo-stasis for the past 3 years. They were all told different stories. Most believed that they were deploying to peace keeping missions to outer colony worlds but instead were placed in long term cryo-stasis. Their families were informed that they all died in the fight against the Resistance some time before the rest of the Origin civilian and military populations were quarantined and then subsequently weaponized.

Project Triton was to be the most advanced form of human weaponization that the HHC had implemented their unwilling subjects. With these military elite however, the story was spun in a different direction.


So this is kind of a beginning story for a new character that leads into a history of the universe┬áthat he and our protagonist, Donnie Rejj, are a part of. It’s quick introduction to Colonel Fitz and then the explination of a fraction of the past 30 years of humanity falling apart by the means of a self destructing galactic government that’s on the outs but has a few nasty tricks up it’s sleeve to through at a freedom seeking society known as the Resistance. This is more or less a crash course into this universe. I try to explain enough so the general story is conveyed but there’s lots left for me to go into later. It’s a summary of events that lead only to the point where the Resistance becomes the Independent Naval Force and the free people of the Resistance set up their own galactic government. That’s not laid out in it’s entirety but the elements in this section bring together the two fighting forces that are at opposition. And our hero (anti-hero) is on the wrong side. I look to explore if he’s able to break away from Origin or if he’s able to play a more active role in saving life where he can when taking on his missions from Origin. For the better part of the twenty-six years after the Husk Conflicts There’s been nothing but small skirmishes while both sides have had ample time to muster vast military forces that stand ready to deploy but no major conflict has broken out due to violent aggression brought on by the Innocent Genocide and the Husk Conflicts. I hope to bring tensions to a head and see what happens.

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