Donnie Rejj: Locked and Found

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-Locked and Found-

“Commander Washburn, Triton signature detected in the Aries system calling all clear for material assimilation.”

Commander Adrian Washburn expected the Triton asset to acquire the mining station in a day or two not a mere eight hours. What kind of man was this? Was he even a man at all? Washburn had seen soldiers with the Triton augmentations carry out missions before but nothing like this. How was he supposed to respond to this?

“Set course for the mining station and prepare cargo holds for direct envelopment of the target.”

“Aye Sir.”

There was no mistaking the commanders tone for one of no surprise even though in fact he was just that. He had never dealt with or even heard of this Triton soldier. He had just showed up on the command deck this morning and requested the use a confiscated shuttle from the resistance that was just overtaken a week ago. He knew Tritons chose their own missions but he didn’t even know how this phantom made it on board. All Tritons that he ever had on his ship were stated on the manifest at a given point of harbor. Being that he didn’t know about this one made him wonder how many of these abominations had made his vessel a waypoint for their missions.

Even when this Triton had made himself known his identity scan showed a clearance higher than Washburn’s and no name. There were only orders embedded into his identification that demanded all Origin personnel comply with all requests and demands from the corresponding individual. There was no rank or name only the Triton symbol that Washburn had become familiar with before. Never had he been a part of any Triton mission. He certainly wanted a few words with this character. He didn’t want him on board any longer than he needed to be.

“Navigation, how far away is the nearest reclamation outpost?”

“Seven point one two light years Sir. There is a wormhole generator two point eight three light years away. Should I set course after target envelopment?”

It didn’t seem that Washburn was hiding his feelings entirely from everyone.

“Yes. Helm, full sub-light burn to the target. Let’s get this over with.”

Washburn quickly left the command deck and made his way down to the cargo hold.



Donnie Rejj, deep in meditation, sat motionless on the floor of the generator room that had become a make shift prison for him. Without a doubt he could spend the time to make his escape from his confines but there was no point in doing so other than that of concealing the fact that he had been out smarted. Pride was something that didn’t interest him. There was no face to save from the crew of the Origin ship he contacted. He imagined that they had already suspected he was not the typical Triton operative.

Commander Washburn looked quite surprised to see him show up on the command deck. Washburn did his best to conceal his reaction but Rejj could see it in his eyes. His pulse quickened and his body temperature increased as well.

It would take three days for a ship the size of the ONF Brigand to reach the nearest reclamation outpost. He imagined that Washburn wouldn’t enjoy the three days journey knowing that one of the deadliest weapons Origin had was on board.

“I’m sure the stories are flying through the ship right now.” He thought.

Folk would say that Tritons could make a person decay from within just by using their mind. The victims would bleed from every orifice till they shriveled up like a prune. It wasn’t impossible he supposed. He had seen other Tritons that were more machine than man and some that had immense power from their synthetic augmentations. It wouldn’t surprise him if there was one that could kill with a thought.

A loud clank rang throughout the station followed by a strong vibration. The Brigand was here. No doubt the tractor beam was being used for a total envelopment. He had hoped for such an outcome. Explaining every detail of the ideal mission outcome wasn’t possible due to operation security and truly Rejj wanted to size up the intelligence of the ships commander. More frequently than he’d care to admit many ship commanders were relieved of their command after a visit from a Triton. There was no training on how to handle a Triton commandeering your vessel for their own means. It often shows the true colors of an individual and there is no way of hiding it as the memory transfer and wipe that all Tritons go through reveals all.

The whole station shook along with a loud clash of metals. Donnie opened his eyes and waited for blast doors just paces in front of him opened. He wondered what kind of greeting to expect. Would there be armed soldiers? He knew that they would read only one life form. Surely they would take every precaution though in not assuming it was friendly. He was not.

The blast door slowly opened and to Donnie’s surprise Washburn stood there alone.

“Fancy to find you here.” Washburn stated plainly.

“There’s nothing fancy about it. The station is yours. Take care it’s safely transferred to the right place.”

“And where exactly would that be?” Washburn inquired.

“I’m sure you’ve already figured that out or soon will. I have no use for it. Funny that you should come aboard yourself and alone. Why so careless?”

“Should I be fearful of Origins finest?”

“It might not have been so if the Resistance had their way. This could’ve been an ambush with a false life form signature on top of one of those dirty bombs the Resistance likes to use.”

“This outpost didn’t have a chance against a Triton operative. We both know that. What’s a surprise to me is that there’s so few bodies. I’m being told only one. Did you spare the rest?”

“A target of opportunity is best shows its value with fewer bullet holes.”

“In your case none.” Washburn fired back promptly.

“Did you wish to see what horrors I can unleash?”

Rejj saw Washburn’s pulse quicken.

“Do you fear me or simply lust for the carnage you wish to produce? Why don’t you volunteer for the Triton augments? I hear they make you immortal?”

Rejj knew no one wished to be a Triton. It was a death sentence. The pain of one augmentation was known to all as most Origin military had computing holograms installed directly on their occipital lobe. Multiple augmentations would kill most but some Triton operatives were rumored to have hundreds. Rejj held thirty-two augmentations that focused on espionage and combat. There was little to no sign that Donnie Rejj was only a third human consisting of mostly synthetic augmentations.

He knew Washburn was afraid. He merely wished to show his crew that he wasn’t. Noble but misplaced.

“I doubt we’ll meet again commander.” Rejj said dismissively as he walked past Washburn.

“You’ll be on my ship for three days. How am I supposed to ignore that?”

Donnie turned and grinned knowing that this headstrong commander might be more than meets the eye. Washburn might not like it but he could just the man that Donnie had been searching for a long time.

“The same as you did before you knew I existed.”


As I expand the Donnie Rejj universe I want to add different characters from both sides of the spectrum. Here I created two new characters though our protagonist only interacts with one. There weren’t really any characters from other people that fit into my crazy world plus I really didn’t want to put words into someone else’s character. It didn’t feel right.

There’s a lot more story to tell as this world that started out small is starting to grow. There’s so many different areas that I can expand on. It’s exciting to put two different perspectives together and see what happens. I hope you enjoyed it.

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