Donnie Rejj: Mining Station Job

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-Finishing the Mining Station-

Rejj walked briskly down the stations main corridor heading towards the generator deck. He knew the layout plans of the station but not the hidden nooks and crannies that most likely existed behind loose panels or bulkheads.

He wondered if Danny was a fighter or if he was skulking in some hidden safe haven that he’d carved out for himself. The mining crew would be returning soon if there was no obvious reason to abandon their normal docking procedures. What happened if made it aboard would not be healthy in any manner. Donnie was a weapon there’s no doubt about that but he was not a believer. He never would be.

The death of two innocents was to save the boat load of miners who were minutes from returning. His judgement wouldn’t be in question as the station was already full to the gill with ore and minerals from the asteroids in this system.

Where was Danny? As Rejj reached the generator deck there was no reading on any living signature nearby. So the option to hide must have been taken he supposed. As he approached the entrance to the generator he could feel the vibration of the stations generators through the floor. The thick alloy blast door slowly slid up as he approached cautiously. Entering the room Donnie felt the heat billowing off of the huge machines giving life to the station that he played cancer to. Turning every corner Donnie found nothing but more empty space.

In an instant Donnie’s hologram sensors went a blaze with a life signature outside of the generator room.

“Damn it!”

He bolted toward the outer corridor. As soon as he made sight with his exit he witnessed the blast door begin to close.

“Clever Danny.”

He ran toward the exit but quickly new that his exit would be cut off. Just before the blast door closed he saw a shadow move just in view of the bottom right closure. H quickly pulled up the stations floor plans.

It was the coolant tanks. Danny was hiding inside the coolant tanks.

“Son of a bitch.” Rejj mumbled flippantly.

This couldn’t have worked out better though, he thought to himself. Taking the station with only one death was preferred to the death of dozens. No doubt Danny notified the returning miners of the state of the station and that with an agent of Origin on board she was a total loss.

Rejj knew he would be the only one that felt that way when debriefing took place. But even the best can get fooled sometimes. There would be none to fret. Just a memory wipe and this victorious defeat would be cleaned from his memory.

He knelt down on the floor just behind the blast door. He closed his eyes and began his meditation. The Origin Battle Star Cruiser would soon be there to collect the stations precious cargo. He hoped that the miners and one clever engineer would make it clear of the system by then.


I look to continue this story and make another character or two. There really isn’t any other sci-fi cowboy bounty hunters out there so I’ll just create my own character that fits in with this weird story I’ve been working on. It’s been fun to put things together page by page. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for this character but the thoughts never really come to fruition till I start typing away. There are a lot of subtle nods to some of my favorite sci-fi flicks. I mean what’s a sci-fi work without little tip of the hat to those that have come before and inspired you?

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