Hunters: The Space Cowboys of Destiny

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I’ve always loved the idea of Space Cowboys. There’s the late Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds that really set the stage for me. I grew up with Han Solo and Indiana Jones as my heroes. I loved the music, I loved the lines, and I loved the characters and their stories. Even entering what some would consider actual adulthood I still find myself drawn towards these fictional characters that live in fantastic setting with personalities that aren’t truly good or morally straight arrows so to speak but they’re most good. To be less broad there more than just a little bad in them as the ying and the yang would suggest. These characters do what is the right thing to do even if in the course of doing it they get their hands dirty. In some cases their hands get very dirty. I bring myself to the thought of Batman. While Batman is a fictitious character he still embodies this moral code of being the one that will get dirty to keep others clean, safe, or morally unaltered really. Diving into the rabbit hole there’s a comic book that’s not to old featuring the Justice League of which Batman is a part of as is Superman and others. In this story Clark (Superman) has a family and the Joker had proven a threat to that family but stopped by the Justice League but mostly Bruce (Batman) of course being that the Joker and Batman have been arch enemies since I was born. Now Superman stands for what all is good because he want to be the example of what the human race should aspire to be when it comes to morality and ethics. What better example to heed from but one that has all the power in the world but can do no wrong. To me it’s boring and sickening but then Bruce comes into the picture. Now the end of the comic is near and of course Clark would have no harm come to the Joker as that would make him no better than the Joker or some non-sense like that. Bruce promises to take the Joker to prison and that no harm will come to him. (Spoiler) Batman kills the Joker. Why? Because that’s who he is and what defines him as a character or as a human or maybe as a friend to Superman. Who knows it’s really left to the reader regardless of the dialogue between Clark and Bruce after the fact. Batman did the dirty work so Superman didn’t have to and his family could stay more safe knowing the Joker was dead. Similar parallels are drawn in the second Dark Knight movie with Christian Bale but that ended in tragedy.

But back to Cowboys, I’ve always loved the movie “True Grit” the old one and the newer one. That character style of cowboy falls in line with my idea of a truly interesting character. Not truly bad but good by a long shot. In the game Destiny my favorite class is the Hunter because of what the cowboy in my mind represents and some of the stories and lore of the Hunter Legends in Destiny are quite interesting perhaps I will go more into detail with those later on. Till then or the next time I write I leave you with my Hunter.


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  1. Interesting to read you lay stress on the ethical dimension of reading and movies.
    Your text has some parts about Superman and Batman, do you think western heroes and these comic book heroes do have much in common?

    • I admit I’ve been catching up on my westerns. If I may half blindly reach into the western genre of film and television, there are distinct characters and often well defined characters in especially television and the same could be said about many of the western movies that span over a period of a few decades. Again half blindly, I observe the movies especially with main character that could even be defined as the protagonist is either strongly aligned with a neutral or partly “evil” character such as a family member, war comrade, or is the neutral character themselves even if they are in a supporting role “that character” makes the movie for me. I believe I brought up the movie “True Grit” both the John Wayne and the Jeff Bridges interpretation of “Rooster” is outstanding! Though I’m not sure if he is meant to truly be the main character or rather a supporting character to the overall story, his actions throughout both films strongly identify him as having a strong sense of morality but it’s buried beneath a life time of deceit and cynicism. You can tell that he was maybe once a young idealist that has now become jaded through the hard life of up holding the law in his younger years and general life experience, but all that hate and guile is tossed aside when he carries Mattie to life saving treatment nearly to the cost of his own life. Now my question would be, “What does the movie title pertain to and why?” I feel like it could refer to Mattie or Rooster but in what context I have my own belief but would interested in yours, Jaapsoft, and anyone else that would like to chime it on this little commentary on both the 1969 and the 2010 “True Grit” movies.

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