Post RadioCast Post…

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Now that there’s a final product I almost miss it in an obsessive way but I don’t want to touch it again. It’s like watching yourself in a video or listening to yourself. I don’t want to do it for a while right now. James and Mason were awesome partners and went with the silly and borderline mean personality I came up with for the show. That’s not me what you listen to on the show it’s a persona amplification of sorts I think. It made for some funny moments and ad lib but the character description is me. I don’t want folks to think I’m a jerk or something. The beginning was scripted I didn’t really tick James off. I don’t remember whose Idea it was to have him rage quit but we… or at least I felt that it set the audience up and caught them off guard for the show. The intro was to make sure people listened I feel. I really enjoy how it came out. There’s always another thing you could’ve done but this wasn’t all that way. We all contributed equally and worked on this thing to the capacity of the other. It was fun and great learning experience and I’d do it again.

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