Scene Analysis: Django Unchained

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This is one of my favorite scenes from this film. It’s so full of tension and when watched with the brutal scene before it’s really gripping and shows the depravity of Mr. Candy and his interest in Django. DiCaprio portrays Candy as a carnivore circling it’s pray. He is one of the most devious villains that I have ever seen to date. Almost all the shot are wide that way the viewer can see all that is going on in the room. When Candy presses Django however, Django returns with harsh tones. This is when the close ups shine and really suck the viewer into the emotion of the scene. Tarantino even cuts wide twice just for a few seconds to show the reactions of other characters and for Djangos partner attempting to ease the tension and he pulls back into Django and Candy to see if his efforts were successful. I hope you enjoy watching this. Please comment your thoughts!

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