The Many Faces of You and I

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To thing or even contemplate about being another person or living another life has probably crossed just about every human being’s life at some point. The grass is always greener on the other side even if you’re the greener side of life already.

The reflection of this desire has been expressed in books, movies, board games, and video games especially I would think. People create interesting characters that people would idolize or become connected to. I distinctively remember a particular crime television show having a sudden death of a beloved character and my wife and I being emotionally hurt because of the investment that we had personally put into a made up character.

I’m an avid gamer and would game all the time if I could. Whether it’s board games or video games I’m very interested and involved. And for me I think that says a lot. I love stories. I love entertainment. Why? Is this my mind and personalities way of showing that I’m not happy with my current state unless it’s full of as much fiction or non-fiction that’s not my life at all. Does this mean that I’m truly living my life to its fullest?

In a word, yes I believe I am. Some certain may not think so and that’s their right to do so but I believe that wanting to experience life as something fantastic even for a little while is a gift regardless of you paying for it or not. I’m still me and yes I’ve been influenced by the things that I’ve done in my life but I also believe that exposer to all these different mediums of entertainment or, more broadly, imagination is a wonderful and marvelous thing.

People poke fun at those that play massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) day in and day out. I’ll confess that I’ve spent too much time on multiple games and suffered for it. I’m not a heavy drinker but I’m sure there many of people out there that have had a little too much alcohol from time to time; as have I or at least indulged in a pleasure too much that the individual or society would consider it “excessive”. I’m not justifying it or saying that it’s right or wrong. I’m saying don’t judge for you can be judged for your own excessive use of “fill in the blank”.

Most if not all of humanity has dreamed of a better life for themselves. I believe we get glimpses of true happiness and that is what keeps us driving on. For me those moments are not found in a video game or movie but rather in the people, places, and things that mean the most to me and have significant meaning that remind me a time or aspiration.

So for this assignment I can say that I’ve dabbled in sorcery, alchemy, being an assassin, being a western outlaw, being a federal agent, being a nuclear war survivor, survival, and so much more. I feel because of all this imagination I’m a better and more whole person and I’m saying that for myself alone. Doctors don’t write the same prescriptions for all their patients because they’d all be dead. Life is your own experience. Live it to YOUR fullest.

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