The Mining Job: Part 1

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The air was dry and stale. The stations dehumidifiers and air scrubbers saw to that. They were out of alignment that gave a strange taste to the air. Every time Donnie inhaled he felt as if he was just around the corner from a broken garbage compactor. He sat at the small mining stations bar with the first shot of clear the keep had given him when walked in an hour earlier.

He sighed and caught his breath billow out in front of him and felt a chill run through his body. He turned to the bar keep and asked,

“Has it gotten colder in here?”

“First mining crew from the Drifts are returning soon. Mechanic turns down the temps to near freezing. Says the miner’s bodies warm the place up when they return from salvage harvest”. The bar keep answered. “I know it’s uncomfortable for a might but the temp in artificial enviros changes fast; especially when, as of right now, it’s just you, me, and ‘ole Danny back there keepin’ the gears turning.”

Donnie nodded and downed his shot of clear. It felt cold going down and he placed the glass on the bar to be met with the keeps hand out reaching to refill it.

Donnie Rejj hadn’t quite decided how he was going to pull this off yet. He’d thought of sparing the lives of the small station but with what was at stake, not having any survivors would make things easier certainly.

His brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed as the bar keep approached. This was it. “Better now when I have the chance and a half-assed plan than dead with a sentimental plan to keep men that would become slaves to Origin anyway”. Rejj thought to himself. He knew that some would rather choose death than slavery or servitude. If only he had the choice. Regardless the time had come.

With a swift and powerful twist of his left arm, Donnie grabbed the outstretched hand of the bar keep and had him laid out on the bar in a second.

“I’m sorry, I wish there was another way.” Donnie said grimly.

Donnie placed his right hand on the back of the keeps head and a quiet “shink” sound was all the gauntlet blade made as it severed his first victims spinal cord.

The body lay limp with a half shocked look on its face as Donnie watched the eyes glaze over showing the last bit of consciousness leave. There was very little blood. Donnie preferred it that way most times. He lightly shoved the bar keep over behind the bar and stood to his feet.

He figured he’d have about ten minutes to dispatch the mechanic. By now he had already none about the death of his one and only bar tender through the stations biometric tracking system. Would Danny be a fool and come running to aid the bar keep or would he hunker down in the generator suspicious of the sudden death of his college.

In a mining station this size it would only take a couple minute to get to the central location of the bar. Rejj sat quietly waiting for the door to open or even footsteps.


Donnie Rejj stood up slowly and walked to the door and as he exited he whispered to himself, “Here Danny Boy. Origins Dark Angel is coming.”

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