The Vignelli Factor

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It’s fascinating to see the many different aspects of design that Massimo Vignelli lays out in his book “The Vignelli Canon”. The varying types, techniques, and usability of a design viewed through his eyes as a early designer is still reflected today in what we do with computers.

The first thing that came to mind when he talked about blocking out your design area was the gridlines that I use on everything that allows me to do so. Power Point especially. There is a beauty to the proportion of a thing once done perfectly and aesthetically pleasing but coming to that point particularly is a long a painful journey at times.

For some things design and creation are easy and in many ways today prefabricated and waiting for our stamp of authenticity though we played the smaller role we take the credit. The power to use the multitude of tools on the internet (most of which are free still) amazes me as one that has had little to no exposure to this type of in depth online design.

For me this changes everything I’ve thought of before and will change how I continue with other projects within this class and in others where design is called upon. This was an excellent and insightful read that changes one’s perspective on design at the fundamental level which in turn changes the whole mental structure of design as a whole.

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