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The name is TombCast Radio So I made this gnarly looking thing. Minimalist you may say but it was fun to make. The fewer the elements the better the add. All I’d have to do is plug in showtimes on the wooded section and this would be for real. I like that about it. I’ve been vocal about not digging the western theme but dress it up scary or sci-fi and it’s not so bad. Some of these new gritty westerns coming out now are pretty cool too. Sam Elliot needs to be in one! Why has that not happened yet? I want the ‘stache on screen again Go Ram It! (Where’s my Brown Coats?)

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  1. I like this promo a lot! Can’t wait to hear the show.

  2. If you were going for the theme of scaring small children. You completely nailed it!!

    • Gorgon Chest

      Hey… Metal is PG. Even Disney puts in fun stuff for the grown ups. I’m guilty of only putting little things in a show for grown ups that insane people like me would laugh at. You had fun… admit it!

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