Treating Fear with Puppies and Kittens

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After watching the Kurt Vonnegut video, I was rolling but strangely thinking of a way to write code for a program that could do just what he proposed within those exact parameters. I’m sure it’s been done but it would be worth a try.

All the westerns that I’ve seen, heard, and read were based on the everything being fine, something bad happens, then the good and bad guys have it out and the good guys win and if it’s really interesting then it shows the reality and cost of winning a fight with evil outside of the guy in the red shirt always dying in the original Star Trek series.

I know this is supposed to be more about a reading or even something that’s been put in front of us but I’ve experienced a lot from this class and others that wasn’t laid out in front of me or at least I didn’t see it and it totally through me for a loop. This makes me think of how this could be applied to more than just stories made up but stories for real. In particular, your story.

If you were to start your story as a section of your life where would it start? Where would it go to from there? I’m not asking for anyone to reply with answers or examples. The main point I want to get across is that when you look at a book, or any story it is a reflection of life itself as we experience it otherwise no one would care about it. It has to be relatable. If I were to take all 20 seasons of Gunsmoke and like them up on Vonnegut’s chart it would be a continuous wave such as our own lives. Our lives are much more complex than a book or a TV show but these are the things that we retreat to when we feel overwhelmed by our own life or our own wave if you will. It’s the reason why my wife has to watch something cute or funny after a scary movie. It’s a balance and maintaining that balance in a story is not so easy especially when you jump around to multiple groups with stories of their own like so many authors do.

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