Week 3 Summary

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This was an insight week of assignments. I love writing and really put a lot of myself into it. I’m looking forward to the picture editing week but a bit intimidated. I’m a perfectionist of a sort and with picture editing I’m hoping to learn some cool stuff.

I especially enjoyed this week writing my own western character. Though as I often and mostly have done, I take to space. And on a side note I really feel like it’s time for the Western and Sci-fi genres to clash once again. Making Donnie Rejj was so much fun. I didn’t want to describe him so much as I wanted the reader to envision him as a what he was, a cold blooded killer that at one point had a meaningful and morally good life but now his skills are being used for more evil purposes which those are even left to the imagination. I’ve posted it elsewhere to actually get feedback and the stories and questions were all so different which drove me to write the next section regarding “Who” would I rather be and I was very inspired by the reactions of some of these people to the point where I had to portray our differences as human beings and ultimately what I wanted to be was “EVERYTHING”. In a way through the many mediums of imagination I’ve experienced a lot of things that admittedly are true to the reality but it’s enough for my brain to take me on “The Magic Carpet Ride” so to speak. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to what’s next.

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