Week 6 Summary: Design

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I would have to venture that this week I explored some different aspects of what design is and how I view things with design in mind. I find that there are so many different perspectives and stories that can be told with more than just words, pictures, or videos. Adding a specific design to any of these things will change the outcome of how the recipient receives it and how it is processed. The experience may be different for everyone but in a good design there is a base line message that everyone can get.

My design is really more geared toward fantasy and fictions of all different genres. That’s what I’m more attracted to so that comes more naturally to me and I believe it to be more solid that what I would do outside of that element. I’ve done some design outside of my comfort zone and often I find myself reaching far to get something that everyone can look at and understand. I appreciate this as it provides me with opportunity to grow and expand outside of my comfort zone.

With that being said I love the little design expansions that you can find in books (graphic novels and otherwise), TV shows, and movies. Even in some of the newer movie trailers for these various super hero and villain worlds you can find little hidden design clues hinting more toward the story of the movie or the future of the franchise. You know there’s an interesting trailer when there’s are twenty or thirty minute videos explaining and breaking down all two minutes of the trailer. It might not mean that the movie is any good but the trailer sets up the design and feel of the entire movie and even hints to the plot. Today there are so much stuffed into trailers and movies it really does take a lot of pausing and zooming in to see what’s really going on in the layers upon layers of design that gets shoved down your throat in two minutes or in some cases an entire movie.

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