Week 9: Summary

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This week I ran over a lot of new things for my character. There’s new characters, new places, and a lot of history for humanity. I’m not a big fan of aliens and feel that it takes some special consideration to add aliens into a story and have it be believable and compelling. I know for myself when I read a book that has aliens it’s simpler for my brain to imagine them as humanoid regardless of the books description unless it’s an alien with a consciousness without form and creates drones to command because then I can imagine myself doing something similar even though stuff like that is totally science fiction. Regardless of all that though, this story forgoes aliens. I think humans can be diabolical enough for any type of story. Additionally with all these augmentations that I’m putting on these people they’re just as alien.

I created a couple more characters. As I stated before there were no characters that would fit into this universe and I didn’t feel comfortable using someone else’s character and work and bending it into my universe. All the characters that I saw were great but didn’t fit into my unconventional way of approaching the character assignments. So I created a couple new characters and really went into ones story particularly but look forward to delving into the other and creating even more characters to exist in this universe.

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