Weeks 7 and 8 Review Time

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Well here we are at the end of weeks 7 and 8. Spring break broke me and I’m glad to be back in the saddle as it were. Tons of fun doing the radiocast! Being on TombCast with James and Mason was awesome! Two great guys that really outshined these past two weeks and I’d like to thank them for working with me and enjoying the craft of making noise with your mouth then re-mixing it into something cool with sound effects, music, and whatever else we could think of.

I added a bit to my character’s depth and I’ll admit that I really want to start writing more about him as writing is a big part of what I do for work. There’s so much that I want to create for his universe. I just want to write a short story but I would obsess over it like I did on TombCast. Maybe after the semester. It’ll be a summer project for myself.

I’m really stoked for people to listen to it and I am anxious to listen to other peoples to see what they came up with. I had a blast doing it and look to make some creative stuff in week 9. I really want to see if and what the feedback will be. We went a little crazy and had some fun regardless of how it turns out.

I hope everyone had fun with their projects and did well in the rest of their classes if they had any others.  I hope there’s no nail biters out there like me. 🙂

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