When Your Original Design Fails…Make Something Easier to Start With.

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Eventually, I’m going to make this beautiful 3D printed Ghost…


But not today. Today my dream of making a DinkleBot were diminished to this…


So instead of leaving myself sorely dis-appointed I created a easier design that will be given to my wife since she is awesome and I love her real real bad.


This was a lot of fun and really exposed me to the free world of 3D design and not so free world of 3D printing. One of those will run you at least $1000 not to mention the filament coils that you’ll need… and how many times you’re going to mess up or at least I messed up.


To complete the Ghost I will have to go back into the design and build in or, the depending on the program I use, the program will put in supports that can later be cut out of final product. I will go more into detail about the Ghost building in later posts. The Ghost itself consists of roughly 14 separate pieces and I was running into trouble with some of the smaller pieces. This will truly be fun and I look forward to documenting the process along with other thing there.

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  1. This looks really cool! I haven’t gotten the chance to mess with 3D printing myself, although my sister did extensive research in recreating and 3D printing artifacts for her archaeology program at her university. I can’t wait to see what you do next in this ghost project. Good luck!

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